4 thoughts on “Phil Daro on learning mathematics through problem solving

  1. Change from “Answer Getting” to “Preparing for Algebra” is well demonstrated. I look forward to sharing Phil’s video with teachers and principals. Thank you for sharing this with us. ~Nancy

    • Janice usually you can contact your county person (principal should know who) and they can unblock that one site once they see it is ok.

  2. Janice, would downloading the video work for you?

    Phil refers to videos of grade 8 classrooms in Japan and other countries. Some are available here: http://timssvideo.com/videos/Mathematics. The web site has a place to log in that is prominently displayed, but according to the web site, logging in is not necessary for viewing the videos. (Some of the transcripts are non-optimal. JP4 SOLVING INEQUALITIES has the phrase “inequality equation” which might work better as “inequality.” Tad Watanabe has a discussion of this in the book Mathematics Curriculum in Pacific Rim Countries (Information Age Publishers, 2008).

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