New features on the Illustrative Mathematics website

Our master geeks have been working day and night the last few weeks to bring you some improvements to A lot of these improvements are behind-the-scenes, but there are two that are particularly worth mentioning:

1. Registered users can rate tasks by voting them up or down.
2. Registered users can comment on tasks.

You can edit and delete your comments, although it will leave a placeholder note that you deleted your comment in case someone replies to your comment (so their comment won’t be deleted also).

We have more improvements in store, and illustrations are being added every day, so keep checking in.

3 thoughts on “New features on the Illustrative Mathematics website

    • Printing will be in the next round of improvements due in April. In the mean time, there’s always the crude method of capturing a screen shot. Thank you for your patience!

  1. Love commenting and rating! Two questions:

    Will there be a way to search for highly rated tasks and/or will they be order that way?

    Is there a way to receive an email notification if someone else comments on the same task I commented on?

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