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    Lisa j r

    7.EE.4b discusses solving word problems leading to inequalities. The progressions clearly indicate understanding about multiplying or dividing by a negative value is introcuded here, but there seems to be no standard asking students to just solve inequalities such as -2b < 12 or 14 – 5x >= 22. In 7.EE.4a it says to solve these types or EQUATIONS fluently but that isn’t stated for the inequalities. For assessment purposes should all items for 7.EE.4b include situations or context?

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    I would like clarification on this, too. Word problems that ask students to write inequalities requiring multiplication or division by a negative value to solve could also be written in a way that does not require that.


    Aaron Bieniek

    Since 7.EE.4b is specific about solving word problems and interpreting the graph using the context of the problem, I would say yes, problems here would include situations and context.

    And even though we could manipulate the expressions so dealing with the negative can be avoided, I wonder if that’s in the spirit of the standard. The progression makes a point to say “It is useful to present contexts that allow students to make sense of [multiplying or dividing by a negative].” If we avoid it, I’m not sure we are making sense of it. Especially since the goal is reasoning about the quantities.

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