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    Is there a draft 6-8 The Number System progression document available yet? I see them for all of the other 7th grade domains.


    Bill McCallum

    I am working on it now, hope to get it done soon. (But my perennial optimism is sometimes confounded.)



    We are trying to look more closely into grade 5 division of fractions progressing toward grade 6 division of fractions.  The Number System progression would really help us chose resources for teaching grade 6 with consideration for grade 5 prior learning.  Is that Progression ready yet?

    Thank you for supporting those of us in the front lines.  Thank you for your consideration.



    Cathy Kessel

    No, sorry. It will be posted on the Progressions page ( when it is and announced on this blog.


    Bill McCallum

    I have it half written.


    Thank you for all your work on all the Progression Documents. I have found them very helpful in planning professional development. Just something I noticed that may want to be edited on the Number Systems Progression:
    On Pg. 7 at the very bottom right, there is a model showing -(-a) on a number line. The heading of that image states “Showing -(-a) = 0 on the number line”. I believe that should state -(-a) = a

    Thanks again for all your hard work!


    Bill McCallum

    Thanks Julie!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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