Problem with RSS Feed for Forums Fixed

The link to the RSS feed for the forums (on the right of this page) was broken. I’ve fixed it now. You might not have noticed (I didn’t for a while) because it was simply not updating. So if you are using an RSS reader to follow the forums, you should delete your old feed and add the new url. If you don’t understand this message, ignore it!

Tips on searching this blog

I have finally discovered a forum search feature that works. So the box on the right now searches both the blog posts and the forum topics and replies. Here are three ways you can search this blog:

  1. Use the box at the right.
  2. Use the google site search feature: google “ irrational number” if you want to find stuff on the blog about irrational numbers. This also returns hits from pdfs on the blog, e.g., the Progressions.
  3. Go to this old post and do a word search directly from your browser. It goes on forever, so you might to wait until it fully loads.
  4. I think (2) works better, but (1) is slightly more convenient. (3) is a last resort when you get frustrated.

[Update, 1/28/14: (1) stopped working, but I have found a new widget that implements a google site search, on the right. I’ll make this post unsticky now in the hope that we have finally solved the problem.]

New blog registration feature

Now that I’ve moved the blog to a private hosting company, you can register to become a subscriber to the blog using the links on the right. This offers a bit more than the email subscription that has been available for a while. Becoming a subscriber means you can create a profile with some information about yourself, which will be available to people who read your comments (if you are logged in). It also gives you some (not many) controls over forum notifications. I may add more features as I discover them.

I will keep the current email notification feature for those who prefer to keep using that.

New forums

If you have questions about the standards, please ask them in the forums (you can also always access this from the menu bar above). The old thread with questions is here, but it is no longer possible to add comments. Before posting a question, please use each of the search bars to the right to see if has already been answered.

Upcoming Webinar

On April 30th at 2:00pm eastern Bill will be doing a webinar on the Common Core Mathematics Standards and the Concept of Focus.  I will also talk about Illustrative Mathematics and our work with CCSSO’s Math SCASS.  Registration is here.

May 25 – 27th Workshop Full

The workshop from May 25 – 27 in New Orleans: Focus in the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics, is full and no longer accepting registrations.  If you are interested in attending a similar workshop in the future stay tuned to this blog for information about an upcoming fall workshop dates and location TBA.