Learning about the standards writing process from NGA news releases

[9 August 2014. Please go here for an updated version of this post.]

There’s a lot of misinformation going around these days about how the Common Core State Standards were written. It occurred to me that a simple way of learning about the process is through the press releases from the National Governors Association during 2009–2010. If you type Common Core into the search box you will find releases detailing the initial agreement of the Governors, the composition of the work teams, feedback groups, and validation committee, the state and public reviews, and various other pieces of information. It’s not a detailed history by any means, but I would encourage readers to check information they receive against this source.

[19 June] I noticed the search feature at NGA isn’t working today, so here are the main releases for 2009–2010:

3 thoughts on “Learning about the standards writing process from NGA news releases

  1. Implementation of the Common Core Standards is on hold in Indiana, where I teach. I suspect that next year we might be told to return to the pre-Core standards. That would be a real shame. I teach geometry, and the new standards are quite an improvement over the old (except for the bit about the conics, a topic about which I’d be happy to make my case).

    But no matter what happens at the state level, I plan to teach the CCS. I’ve put lots of time into the transition, and by the time classes start in August, I’ll be ready to go. (Indeed I’m just about ready to go now. Check out my site.)

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