Toward Greater Focus and Coherence: an Illustrative Mathematics Common Core Conference

Register today to reserve your spot for IM&E/Illustrative Mathematics’ next Common Core Conference!

Towards Greater Focus and Coherence May 26-28, 2013 at the University of Arizona This is a great way to start the summer, while you are still in the classroom flow!

We are looking forward to meeting people who care about math education and collaborating with math coaches, classroom teachers, mathematicians, district math specialists, and mathematics educators.

Highlights of the conference include:

1. Perspective from Bill McCallum, lead writer of the Common Core
2. Activities that can be immediately used in your classroom, and a plan for creating similar Common Core aligned activities for students in the future.
3. Breakout sessions from classroom teachers modeling the focus of the Common Core by digging into a particular standard or cluster.
4. Highlights of the focus and coherence of different grade bands and the mathematics behind the standards.
5. Online resources to support the Common Core.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity. Reserve your spot by March 31st for the best rates by registering online.