Improvements to Illustrative Mathematics

The most recent upgrade to Illustrative Mathematics brings a number of improvements, the most visible of which is a searchable index of the illustrations, which is visible to all users, registered or not. In addition, registered can now add tags to tasks (such as “MP3” or “conceptual understanding”). These tags come from a predefined list at the moment; in the future we may allow users to create their own tags. And, the site now has a mock-up of what an illustration of a practice standard will look like, with a few sample materials such as videos, tasks, and slideshows. There are also lots of behind the scenes changes to make the site more useful for task reviewers and task editors.

3 thoughts on “Improvements to Illustrative Mathematics

  1. The list of available tags is:

    * conceptual understanding
    * challenge problem
    * fluency
    * formative assessment
    * math game
    * literature based
    * machine scorable
    * meaningful application
    * number lines
    * problem solving
    * procedural knowledge
    * professional development
    * transformations
    * summative assessment
    * video
    * MP 1
    * MP 2
    * MP 3
    * MP 4
    * MP 5
    * MP 6
    * MP 7
    * MP 8

  2. Bill,
    The index to the illustrations was very useful; however, I am currently creating develop a scope and sequence document for grade 6 and find something missing which would be of great help. When I go to look for an illustration for a particular domain and cluster (for example 6.NS.5) I can use the new index to find the illustrations for the grade and domain I want but have to open every illustration to find the cluster I am looking for. It would be of enormous help add the cluster to the domain for each illustration. If the cluster were added a helpful but not essential additional step would be to order the illustrations by cluster under each domain.
    Robert Springer

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