Task Writing Contest 3 for Illustrative Mathematics

We would like to announce the third round of our Standards Task Writing Contest beginning Tuesday, January 17th, 2012. We’ve decided that one week is not enough time, so the deadline is in two weeks. Our theme this week focuses on the elementary progression of Measurement and Data and the following elementary standards:

  • 2.MD.9
  • 3.MD.4
  • 4.MD.4
  • 5.MD.2

Authors of tasks selected for inclusion in the Illustrative Mathematics task bank will receive $200 per task, which must be emailed by Monday, January 30th, 2012 midnight in your local time zone to illustrativemathematics@gmail.com with subject line “Submission for Illustrative Mathematics Task Writing Contest Jan 17 – Jan 30, 2012.”

We have also created a permanent page with general information about the Illustrative Mathematics Contest that all who are thinking about submitting a task should check out.

Contest Winners

We are pleased to announce three of the winners of our first Contest!

Dan Meyer — Doctoral student, Stanford University, California. His task is titled “8.F High School Graduation” and is available on the Illustrative Mathematics website.

Travis Lemon — Teacher, American Fork Junior High School, Utah. He has four tasks in development. We’ll announce it here when they are ready.

James E. Bialasik and Breean Martin–Teachers, Sweet Home CSD, New York. Their task will appear soon!

We have other people whose names will appear here as their tasks get closer to completion.

5 thoughts on “Task Writing Contest 3 for Illustrative Mathematics

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  3. Ashli, I came here via Dan Meyer’s blog, and I’m glad I found you. I have submitted a task, and have another on the way. I love the fact that you are happy to work with task submitters to improve their ideas, and hope you contact me about mine!
    This project is a great idea for providing support to teachers – well done to you and the team!

    • Thanks for the feedback–We’re glad you like the project! We’ve been working through the task submissions for contest #3 and will hopefully get to yours within the next few weeks. We’ve also posted contest #4 and hope you will continue to submit tasks. Thanks for the twitter-advertising as well!

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