NCTM-AMTE-NCSM-ASSM joint task force on the Common Core

I’m on a panel right now where Gladis Kersaint is reporting about a report of the four mathematics teaching organizations in the title. (I cannot resist the temptation to give this initiative the meta-acronym NANA, whose logo should be a big sheepdog shepherding us through the standards.) The report outlines 6 goals:

  1. Clarify the meaning
  2. Support stake holders
  3. Prepare and support PK-16 teachers
  4. Support the development of high quality formative and summative assessments
  5. Promote research
  6. Develop a governing structure

Big question on number 3: what do we need to do now?

  • Assessment examples
  • Capacity building and leadership development (interpreting the standards)
  • Professional development materials (raise awareness, how to change what you are doing now)
  • Dissemination efforts

Long term efforts:

  • tools for teachers
  • tools to help administrators recognize classroom implementation
  • examples of student work
  • think about professional development that is differentiated based on the needs of different teachers (novice, veteran, …)
  • mathematics content courses that can help people understand how the mathematical practices can be implemented in content