Progressions for the Common Core math standards

The progressions project for the mathematics standards, described here, is coming along. Currently we have initial drafts for progressions on Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base Ten, Fractions, Geometry, Measurement and Data, and Statistics and Probability, and are having these reviewed. We should have some progressions we can share by the end of February.

2 thoughts on “Progressions for the Common Core math standards

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  2. After reading through just the 6-8 Expressions and Equations Progression I like that there is reference and what seems to be possible accountability for the previous grades. They make continuous reference to what the student learned in grade 5 and that this should be built upon in grade 6 and similar statements are stated in grade 7 and 8. My concern is that when we begin to implement the standards as a state that not all teachers will be on board and how can we build from what is supposed to be taught in the previous grade if it is not being taught. How will the teachers be held accountable? How will the lack of accountability affect my teaching? I would like to just build from what has been taught, but having 9 feeder schools, I know that not all teachers teach all standards.

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